About Me

I am professionally known as ArinolaMusic but my name is Arinola Nnatuanya. I am a singer-songwriter and worship leader. I am known for my passion for the presence of God and view my musical ability not simply as a talent, but as a tool given to lead God's people in Christian Worship. In addition to these, I have a passion for teaching the worship lifestyle to others, something I accomplish through a program called 'The 360 Degree Worshipper.’ I coach individuals, groups and worship teams on what it means to lead worship and live a life worthy of that call.

As part of my musical journey, I hold a Masters Degree in Music and the Creative Economies, a Higher Diploma in Vocal Performance, and a Diploma in Theology and Worship. I have dedicated my life to equipping others to become the worshippers God desires them to be through the building and experience of an intimate and tangible relationship with God through the Holy Spirit.

I am married with three children.

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Worship Development

Worship is a lifestyle, one that reveals the 'Posture of Our Hearts'. It is not what we do when we gather in sung worship in our local church communities.

  • If worship was just singing, then those who do not have a singing voice have never worshipped God and that is simply NOT true.