Restoring True Worship

This aspect of the development workshops focuses on both theoretical and practical aspects of worship in the day to day life of a Christian.

Module 1 - Worship Studies

This module consists of 3 main topic areas, and delves into the subject of biblical worship to build an understanding of the meaning and essence of worship.

Worship Defined

This topic walks through the biblical view of worship in contrast to culutral & individual perceptions.

The Foundation of Worship

This topic acts as an introduction to God's original intention for worship as an expression of everyday Christian life.

Understanding Worship

This topic provides insight into the process and workings of worship.

Module 2 - Worship As Embodied Theology

This module consists of 3 main topic areas, and highlights how worship is more than a song or a posture taken during congregational or personal worship.

Transformative Worship

This module covers the process of worship as Christians and the expected outcome of Gods intention through worship.

The Call

In this module, delegates engage in walking through the outworkings of worship from an individual context. This module touches on the area of each individual's purpose.

The Legacy Effect

This module focuses on the process and importance of preparing and building the next generation of worshippers using biblical principles and directives.

Module 3 - Leadership Through Worship

This module consists of 3 main topic areas, and covers leadership in the expression of worship.

360 Leadership

This topic walks delegates through the different expressions of leadership within different contexts. Leadership is generally associated with a title or a role and this has inadvertently impacted our social responsibility as Christians. This module covers the biblical definition and approach to leadership.

The Role of the Worship Team in Corporate Worship

This topic is specific for worship leaders and worship teams. It highlights and brings to focus the unrealised impact of the worship team on corporate worship.

Building an Effective Team

Everyone functions within a team, whether as a family, at work or in church, and every team is only as strong as its weakest person. So how do we build the right environments for our teams to be effective? This topic covers how our worship is expressed in the teams we function in.